Set up your import file

Before importing a file, we suggest you make yourself very clear about what kind of data you want to upload and organize your data accordingly.

Sample files

Before importing a file, we highly recommend checking our sample files to get an idea of how to format your data to fit into TeamWave import requirements.

Download sample file

If you would like to import more fields, you need to define them as custom fields  in CRM Settings first. Learn how to add custom fields.

Supported field formats

Deal fields

Deal owner: Deal owner's email. Not his name. ( Ex: )
Note: This user should be part of your TeamWave Organisation's employee list and should have access to TeamWave CRM.

Followers: Email id of the follower. There can be multiple email ids separated by comma (, ) or pipe ( | )

Status: Open/Won/lost.

Date: 14-10-2017 (ISO 8601 Format)

Deal Value: Value of the deal. (Ex: 50000, 6500000, 100000)

Pipeline and Stages Fields

Pipeline: Name of the pipeline. There should be a pipeline existing in CRM with this name.

Stage: Name of the stage. 
Note: If the stage name in the spreadsheet is different from TeamWave's Pipeline, the deals will be saved in an unknown stage.

Contact Fields

Contact phone: Phone num of the contact person. Any format will be accepted. (Ex: 86492739, 080-8478374, 830-77-84)

Currency codes: In the spreadsheet, you should mention currency code in currency. Example: USD for US dollars.
Here is the list of TeamWave supported currencies and their codes


  1. Deal Title is mandatory while importing Deals.

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