Import your Contacts & Deals

You can import deals, people and organisations from a file in *.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv format. With TeamWave's import you can choose to import deals, people and organisations individually or you can import it all of them at once.

Before importing your data from a file, you need to organise your data in Spreadsheets to fit into TeamWave's import requirements and we recommend you to go through setting up your import file before you import a file or download sample file

If you are importing fields which are not there in TeamWave, you need to define them as Custom Fields before importing your file. Learn how to add custom fields.

Importing Deals/People/Organisation

  • You can import data from a file from Deals, People and Organisation page
  • Click on 'more icon' next to '+ Add new' on the right top
  • Select Import

Click on 'Start an Import'

Select the objects you would like to import and click 'Next'

      Upload file

  • Map fields in your import file with fields in TeamWave 

  • Select the checkbox if you want to update existing fields in TeamWave and skip the column header and click on 'Preview'

Validate data based on the first 5 rows of the import file and click 'Import'

You will receive an email once the import is completed.

Updating fields from Import 

If you have missed any columns or fields in your import file, you can import the updated file again with checking 'If any person/organisation is already on TeamWave, update their fields' in Mapping. 

Revert Import 

If something went wrong on Import, like fields are not mapped properly, you can revert the file imported from Import history.


  • You can also bring data to TeamWave by Integrations, Forms and Apis.

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