Supported Currencies

Here is the list of currencies supported in TeamWave. If you would like to have a new currency in TeamWave, please drop in an email at or a message on Intercom. We would love to add them to our list. 

US Dollar: USD
British Pound: GBP
Brazilian Real: BRL
Swiss Franc: CHF
Chinese Yuan: CNY
Japanese Yen: JPY
South African Rand: ZAR
Turkish Lira: TRY
New Zealand Dollar: NZD
Russian Ruble: RUB
Mexican Peso: MXN
Swedish Krona: SEK
Danish Krone: DKK
Malaysian Ringgit: MYR
Hong Kong Dollar: HKD
Australian Dollar: AUD
Singapore Dollar: SGD
Canadian Dollar: CAD
Indian Rupee: INR
Euro: EUR

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