Adding a custom field

With custom fields, you can add new fields as per your requirements to deals, contacts and organisations. Learn more about custom fields.

Adding new custom fields

  1. Navigate to CRM application
  2. Click on settings on the right top (Ref 1)
  3. Click on Custom fields tab 
  4. In deals, contacts and companies 
  5. Click on “Add a field” to add fields Then select field type (Ref 2)
  6. Give a name to the custom field (Ref 2)
  7. Enter possible values for the custom field (If required) (Ref 2)
  8. Click on Save

Ref 1

Ref 2


  1. Account owner and CRM Admin has rights to perform above actions.
  2. While importing, TeamWave only reads data which is defined in that custom field’s format.

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