Export Contacts

TeamWave supports exporting all the details present in People and Organisations in CSV and XLSX format. Though you cannot export activities, notes and tasks present in deals and contacts, you can export all the custom fields present in People and Organisations.

You can only export Contacts accessible to you. Which means, CRM admins and the account owner can export all the organisation's CRM data, while normal users can only export the data accessible to them.

Exporting Contacts

  1. Navigate to CRM Section
  2. Go to the Contacts tab
  3. Select People/Organisations tab
  4. Apply any filter to your Person list (Optional)
  5. Click on the more icon
  6. Select Export
  7. Select the format you in which would like to export (XLSX or CSV)
  8. Click Export
Note: If any Filter is applied, only the results of that filter will be exported.

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