Smart Email BCC

TeamWave Smart Email

TeamWave Smart email allows you automatically associate your email conversations with deals & contacts in CRM. Keeping an easy record of your email, It also enables you to check your earlier conversations with your clients in one click from their deals and contacts page.

Using Smart Email BCC you can choose which emails should be sent to TeamWave Mail, giving you the freedom to forward only specific emails that are related to your Sales process.

How to 'Smart Email BCC'

  1. Copy your Smart email address from here. Learn more
  2. Paste your Smart email address in BCC field of the email while emailing a prospect.
  3. For an existing email, forward it to your smart email.

Forwarded or BCC'd emails will appear in Mail tab of CRM. Emails will be associated with the existing contact else a new contact will be created.


  1. Emails forwarded only from your registered TeamWave email address will be processed and shown in TeamWave Mail.
  2. The Mail Tab in TeamWave CRM is private to the specific user. So only the emails associated with deals and contacts can be accessed by everyone in the Team.
  3. You can include your Smart BCC address in the BCC field of your emails, to prevent any confusion with your potential customers.
  4. Any replies received from your customers will need to be forwarded to that same universal BCC address in order to appear in TeamWave.
  5. Save your Smart BCC address as a contact with your email service provider to make it easier to use.

To send emails from others email addresses like sales@yourcompany and info@yourcompany and automatically create deals, you can use Sales Automation in CRM. Learn more

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