Sales Automation via Email

Whenever you receive a sales related email from your prospects, you ideally add it as a deal in CRM to track the whole process. But adding a deal manually every time you receive an email is tedious and time-consuming. 

'Sales automation' is designed just to solve that. All you need to do is set up a rule in CRM Settings and TeamWave will create Deals and Contacts and also links them whenever TeamWave receives an email from the email addresses specified in the rule.

If certain email addresses like, receive a majority of emails from new prospects, then you can also set up auto-forwarding in Gmail and Outlook to send all the emails to TeamWave. Read more

Setting up a Rule in Sales Automation

  1. Navigate to CRM Settings (Gear Icon on Right top)
  2. Click on Sales automation Tab tab
  3. Click on 'Add Rule' button
  4. Enter 'Name of the Rule' and Email addresses
  5. Select the Deal Owner
  6. Select Sales pipeline and Stage in which new deals should be created
  7. Add tags (Optional)
  8. Click on Save to activate the rule


  • Email addresses specified in a 'Rule' cannot belong to multiple 'Rules'.
  • Email addresses specified in a Rule shouldn't be associated with users/employees of your TeamWave organization. 
  • You need to forward emails to you CRM Smart Email BCC only from email addresses specified in Sales Automation Rules. Remember emails forwarded from other email addresses will not be processed for Deal and Contact creation.

For every new email address captured by TeamWave, a new contact person and a corresponding deal will be created. Finally, both of them will be linked. For subsequent emails forwarded for existing contact already attached to a deal, the new email will only be logged to the existing deal and contact person (new deal won't be created). 

You can skip duplicate contact creation simply by adding email addresses to the Negative list. Learn more

  • New contacts won't be if the email address belongs to your TeamWave account employees.

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