Automatic Email Forward - Outlook

If you are currently using Office 365 / Outlook and need to implement the Sales Automation feature in TeamWave CRM, then you will need to setup auto-forwarding in Gmail correctly. Here is how to do it:  


You need to add your Smart BCC Email as a forwarding address to your  Outlook account, so that, whenever you receive an email to your Outlook account, it will automatically forward that email to your TeamWave Mailbox. 

First, before adding Smart BCC Email as a forwarding address, you need to define a rule in CRM Settings with your Email ID in Email Addresses option and you should be the owner of that Rule. (If you are not CRM Admin, request CRM Admin to add a rule for you). Learn how to create a rule.

Then, Add your Smart BCC Email as a forwarding address.

Here's how it is done:

A. Define a rule in Sales Automation

  1. 1. Navigate to CRM settings and select Sales automation.
  2. Create a Rule and copy your Smart email BCC address. Learn more

B. Configure your Outlook Settings

  1. Navigate to your Outlook account.
  2.  Click on Gear Button on the right top
  3. Select Options from dropdown
  4. In Mail > Accounts, Select Forwarding 
  5. Enable Start forwarding
  6. Paste your Smart email 
  7. Click on Save

Steps 2,3,4,5 and 7

Unlike Gmail, There's no need of any other verification for Outlook forwards.

Now, you will receive all your mails to your TeamWave mailbox directly.

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