Syncing contacts with Mailchimp

Syncing contacts with Mailchimp will keep contacts in a filter synced with unique Tag in Mailchimp Audience. With this, you can seamlessly send well-targeted emails to your customers.

For example, 

  • Send email campaigns regularly only to those contacts who are converted into customers
  • Send email campaigns very specific to the users in a certain stage of any pipeline

Let's see how you can do it,

Setting up Mailchimp Sync

  • Once your filter is ready, navigate to CRM > Contacts
  • Select the Custom Filter you created from Filters section
  • Then click on the 'More' icon and select Mailchimp
  • Chose 'Sync Contacts'

Configuring Sync with Mailchimp

  • Then Select Audience with which the contacts should be synced
  • Create a Unique Tag in Mailchimp. You can use this tag to send campaigns to customers.

    For example in the above case, Tag names could be - Contacts in Sales Pipeline and Lead Discovered Stage
  • Map Mailchimp fields with TeamWave's
  • Add Mailchimp and TeamWave tags to customers in Mailchimps
  • Then Click on Done

When a Mailchimp sync is configured, all contacts falling under the selected filter will be exported to Mailchimp. 

If you want to edit Scheduled Mailchimp Sync, you can edit it from Mailchimp Section in Integrations page.

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