Exporting Contacts to Mailchimp

Exporting contacts to Mailchimp will add new subscribers to Mailchimp Audience or update existing subscribers. With this, you can export any desired list of contacts to Mailchimp Audiences and target the right set of customers with your marketing campaigns

Exporting Contacts

Before exporting any list of contacts to Mailchimp from Contacts page in CRM, we recommend you to

Here's how to export contacts to Mailchimp

  • Navigate to CRM and click on 'Contacts' in the Navigation bar
  • Select a contact filter from existing filters or create a new filter. Contacts in the selected filter will be exported to Mailchimp. 

    Note: If no filter is selected, All contacts in your TeamWave account will be exported to Mailchimp.
  • Click on the 'More' icon on the right top and select Mailchimp
  • Click on Export Contact
  • Now, Select the Audience into which filtered contacts will be exported
  • Map TeamWave fields with Mailchimp's
  • Add tags and Select the frequency of export 
  • Click on Done

Contacts in the selected filter will be exported to the selected Mailchimp Audience.

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