Connecting Mailchimp with TeamWave

Super Admins can connect Mailchimp with TeamWave from Integrations page. This allows you and selected TeamWave users to view individual invoices, payments and estimates. Once you're set up, you'll be able to use Mailchimp with TeamWave.

Connecting Mailchimp account

Here’s how to connect Mailchimp:

1. Click on your profile avatar

2. Select Integrations

3. Click on Mailchimp section

4. Then click on the 'Connect' button

5. Enter your Mailchimp credentials and log in

6. Once authorised, that Mailchimp account will be linked to TeamWave’s account

Giving Mailchimp access to TeamWave users

Once Mailchimp account is linked with TeamWave, you can select users who will have access to connected Mailchimp account within TeamWave. Selected users access Mailchimp functionalities in CRM. 

They can 

  • Import contacts from Mailchimp to TeamWave
  • Export contacts to Mailchimp
  • Sync selected filters with Mailchimp
  • See Mailchimp activities of that contacts/subscriber in Person detail page

Disconnecting Mailchimp from TeamWave

If you want to disconnect your Mailchimp account from TeamWave account, you can navigate to the Integrations page and revoke access by clicking on 'Disconnect' button.

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