Custom fields

What are the custom fields?

TeamWave CRM comes with few fields which are commonly used in Sales Processes. If you are looking to add extra fields you may require in Deals, People and Organisations, custom fields enable you to add them to CRM. So, If you need a field in TeamWave that does not exist by default, it can always be created as a custom field.

To check available custom field types, you can go through this article - Available Custom Fields types

Adding Custom fields

Custom fields can be added from CRM Settings > Custom Fields page. Learn about how to add custom fields in detail.

Once a custom field is added, all your team members will see and use that field in Deals/People/Organisations.

Where will the custom field appear?

All custom fields will be added to the side section of Deals, People and Organisations.

You need CRM Admin rights to Add and Manage Custom Fields.

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