Custom fields

What are custom fields?

Custom fields enable you to add extra fields as per your needs in Deals, Contacts and Organisations. For example, you can create a custom field for an extra phone number in a contact or add an address for an organisation or a monetary value to a deal. Once a custom field is added to deal section/contact section/organisation section, it will be reflected in all deals/contacts/organisations.

Created custom fields will be added to the side section of deals, contacts and organisations.

Types of Custom fields

TeamWave offers different custom fields for different data sets of your need. It includes text, dropdown, large text, radio, checkbox and date. You can select the appropriate custom type for your custom fields. 

Text: For small words/names

Large Text: For long texts. Ex: Description

Date: Date format : 14-10-2017 (ISO 8601 Format)

Numerical: Only for numerical values

Select: Multi-valued dropdown (string values should be separated by comma (,) or pipe (|) )

Radio: Multi-valued radio button (string values should be separated by a comma (,) or pipe (|) ). You can only select one value using Radio field.

Checkbox: Multi-valued checkbox with string values separated by a comma (,) or pipe (|). With checkbox field, you can select multiple options.

Monetary: This field enables you to save monetary values.

Auto-complete: This field remembers the data entered in this custom field for other deals/contacts and will automatically suggest previously entered data.

Date range: You can select a date range with this field type.

Address: This field can be used to save the address. It even shows ups the location in the app. (Ref 1 & 2)
Ref 1

Ref 2

Phone: This field is used to add multiple phone numbers for a section.

Learn how to add custom fields.

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