TeamWave CRM Add-on for Gmail - Intro

Need full email integration? Prefer to manage your sales activities from within the Email INBOX? This article will help you to get you acquainted with using TeamWave CRM Add-on for Gmail.


TeamWave's Gmail Add-on

If your team uses Gmail and works primarily on Email, then TeamWave Add-on for Gmail is for you. It works within Gmail and enables you to manage all your Sales directly from your Email without switching applications.

TeamWave Add-on for Gmail works in ALL MAJOR web browsers. It also works in the Gmail mobile app.

Why TeamWave Add-on?

TeamWave CRM Add-on enables you to do the following things from within Gmail (web + mobile):

  1. Add new contacts to CRM
  2. View all Deals associated with those contacts
  3. Add new Deals and progress them right from Gmail
  4. Sync email threads with 'TeamWave CRM' (deals, contacts, etc.)
  5. Connect Emails with TeamWave Deals
  6. Manage and Schedule follow-up Activities

You can install TeamWave Add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Note: If you are the Administrator of your organisation domain, you can install TeamWave Add-on for your whole organisation. Learn more

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