TeamWave Add-on for Gmail - Features

If you are wondering what TeamWave Add-on for Gmail does, we highly recommend you to go through the article TeamWave CRM Add-on - Intro first to get a brief idea about this. 

Install link:

Some of the things you can do:

Add new contacts to CRM

  • Click on TeamWave icon in Add-on's menu.
  • Click on 'Add Contact'

  • Enter details of Contact
  • Click on Add Contact

Adding New Deals to TeamWave CRM

To add a Deal in TeamWave CRM from Gmail Add-on, you need have that contact saved in TeamWave. You can save that contact directly from TeamWave Add-on in Gmail. Learn more.

If you have saved contacts present in email thread:

  • Click on 'Add icon' next in Deals section next to Open deals.

  • Enter Deal details and click 'Add Deal'

  • A deal will be created and selected Contact will be linked to that Deal
  • Now you can change stages, schedule Activities, add Notes and Tasks from Deal detail card in Add-on.

Sync email threads with TeamWave

You can sync emails with TeamWave CRM directly by enabling toggle next to 'Sync Email'. Below: 'Email sync' enabled for a thread.

If 'Email sync' is enabled for an email thread, it will automatically sync all the future emails received in that email thread. That email should be opened at least once for the sync to work.

Once a Deal is synced or connected to TeamWave, a TW CRM label will be added to your email to acknowledge TeamWave association. 

You can disable sync to stop Emails getting synced to TeamWave CRM. But all the emails synced before won't be deleted with disabling sync. You need to manually delete previously synced emails from 'TeamWave Mail' in CRM. Below reference shows disabled 'Email Sync' for a thread.

Connect email threads with Deals

If you would like to connect email threads to a Deal in TeamWave, there should be a Deal associated with the email address as a contact person in TeamWave. If there is no Deal associated, you can add a new Deal from Add-on itself.

To connect a deal, click on 'Connect Deal' drop down and 'Select a deal'.

Once a Deal is connected/Synced to TeamWave, a TW CRM label will be added to your email to acknowledge TeamWave association. 

You can Make a thread Private or Public in TeamWave by marking checkbox below connected deal. You can also disconnect an email thread with a Deal by clicking on 'Cross icon' next to deal name.  

Manage and Schedule follow-up Activities

TeamWave Add-on allows you to Schedule Activities and Add a task in Contact person's associated Deals.

You can add an Activity by clicking on 'Add Icon' next to activities and can also mark them as complete

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