G Suite Integration

You can integrate your TeamWave’s account with your Google account easily and reduce your effort for redoing things.

Once Google account is integrated with your TeamWave account:

  • All your TeamWave events and milestones will be synced to your Google calendar
  • All your Google contacts and TeamWave contacts can be synced
  • Files from Google drive can be linked to your TeamWave files, tasks, discussions and deals.

 Integrating Google account

  1. Click on profile icon on the left bottom
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Enable the Google services using the toggle switches.
  4. Once enabled, you will be redirected to the login page.
  5. Enter your Google credentials and log in. 
  6. Once authorized, that Google account will be linked to TeamWave’s account. 
  7. Select Calendar, Contacts and Drive checkbox as per your requirements.

Google Calendar:

TeamWave syncs all the Events, MileStones and Activities assigned to you to the integrated Google Calendar. However, it won't sync tasks assigned to you on your Calendar.


It allows you to link your files in Google Drive to TeamWave, instantly. You cannot keep privacy for the Google Drive files linked to TeamWave. It will be accessible for everyone who has access to that section in TeamWave.


You can sync all your Google contacts to your TeamWave account which can be accessed by all the users with CRM access.

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