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Any project will involve a lot of file sharing. Projects allow you to upload unlimited Documents, Mockups, Screenshots, Images, Audio and Video to a project in TeamWave to share it will all your project team members.

Every project has a dedicated Files section where you can upload and view all the files uploaded to that project. Files can also be uploaded to tasks and discussions as and when you want to.

In tasks, you can upload a file while creating a Task as well as from Task detail page
In discussions, files can be uploaded while posting a new discussion or in the comments section.

Let's see how to add files to Files tab in a Project.

Uploading files to Projects

Files can be uploaded from your computer and can also be linked from your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

Uploading files from Computer

  1. Select a project in Project Management Application
  2. Click on Files tab
  3. Click on Add files button
  4. Select the privacy for the files below tabs (Ref 1)
  5. Drag files to that section or Click on Choose files to upload (Ref 1)
  6. Select a file from your computer and proceed

Ref 1

Linking files from Google/Dropbox

To link files from Google Drive and Dropbox, you need to first integrate them into your TeamWave’s account. Learn about Google integration and Dropbox integration.

  1. Integrate Google/Dropbox accounts
  2. Then Select a project in Project Management Application
  3. Click on Files tab
  4. Click on Add files button
  5. Select Google Drive/Dropbox to link files
  6. Click on Add files/ link files when uploaded


  1. You cannot set privacy for the files linked from Google Drive and Dropbox.
  2. Size limit for each file is 50 MB. 

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