Manage Goals

Setting Goals for your Sales team will help them perform better and track their sales performance.

Editing a Goal

Goal details like Expected number/Value of Goals, Time period and Pipeline can be updated using edit option. However, the assigned user for a Goal cannot be changed.

To Edit a Goal,

  1. Navigate to CRM
  2. Click on Goals tab
  3. Click on edit icon next to the goal (Ref 1.1)
  4. Enter the changes (Ref 1.2)
  5. Click on Save

Ref 1.1

Ref 1.2

Deleting a Goal

All the data from a Goals will be lost and cannot be recovered when a Goal is deleted.

To delete a Goal,  click on the cross icon next to the Goal and confirm the same.


  1. You need Admin privileges to perform above actions.

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