Linking Person and Organisation to a deal

Whenever you are contacting your prospect, how good it will be if all the contact and organisation details are on your screen? 

TeamWave does it for you. It keeps all your contact information and details in one place so that you don't have to search for the information every time. You just have to add these details to the deal.

You can add person and organisation in two ways.

  1. While creating a deal itself, by clicking on add contact, and entering details.
  2. Adding them to an existing deal.

Let's see how we can do that.

1. While creating a new deal

  • Navigate to CRM application
  • Click on Add Deal and Enter details 
  • Click on Add Contact (Ref 1.1)
  • Enter all the details of the Contact
  • Then click on Finish. (Ref 1.2)

Ref 1.1

Ref 1.2

2. To an existing deal

  • Navigate to CRM application
  • Open a Deal
  • Click on the link icon to link organisation and click on the add button (Plus icon) to Add person. (Ref 2.1)
  • Enter details and save

Ref 2.1

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