Add projects to deals

TeamWave lets you add/link projects to deals in CRM reducing your effort of adding things again and again. Once a project is linked to a deal, it will sync all the contact and organisation details automatically. You can add multiple projects to a deal, but only one deal can be linked to a project.

These things should be linked to a deal for linking a project.

  • An organisation
  • A contact from the same organisation with an email id.

Linking a project to a deal

  • Navigate to CRM application
  • Click on a deal
  • Click on the link button on projects section on the left bottom

  • Then select a project and click on the link. 

Once linked, that Project will be linked with the Deal and the Organisation.

Adding a new project from a deal

To add a project from deals, you need to initiate a project and choose a project owner. Then the chosen project owner would be able to complete the project creation process by entering the required details.

A. Initiating a project from a deal:

  • Navigate to CRM application
  • Click on a deal
  • Click on the add button on the projects section on the left bottom
  • Enter details like name of the project 
  • Select the project owner (He will only be able to create the project)
  • Then click on initiate

This will only initiate a project and send a notification to the project owner.

B. Creating a project:

Once any Project is initiated, the assigned project owner can create the project by clicking on the notification/email received and entering remaining details.

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