Merge Persons

Merge option can be used to merge duplicate contacts, organisations and deals with the original ones. 

Merging Persons

  1. Open Person detail page
  2. Click on ellipsis link and select Merge option (Ref 1.1)
  3. Enter the duplicate contact name/email in the search box and choose the contact from the suggestion (Ref 1.2)
  4. Select the contact whose details should be preserved and click on preview (Ref 1.3)
  5. Then click on Merge to save the details and remove the duplicate

Missing fields in the preserved contact will be filled from the corresponding field of the duplicate contact. If you choose to preserve the details of the contact person owned by someone else from your team, then the merged contact will be owned by that team member.

Ref 1.1

Ref 1.2

Ref 1.3

Merging Organisations

Navigate to Organisation details page and follow the same steps of Merging contacts to merge organisations.

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