Adding deals

Deals are basically a visual representation of all the activities in the sales process that can be moved across all the stages of a pipeline. You can also associate any organisation/person to a deal, and it will automatically track all your movements in the sales process.

From CRM Section

  • Navigate to CRM application
  • Click on Add Deal button

  • Enter details like Deal name, Deal value, Expected close date etc 
  • Click on Save to save the deal

To associate a contact with that deal, click on Add contact button

  • Enter contact details and click on Finish 

From Mail in CRM

  • Navigate to CRM application
  • Click on Mail tab on the Navigation bar
  • Click on the email to which you want to associate a deal
  • Click on Add a new deal
  • Enter all the required details
  • Then click on Save.


  1. Only Account owners, CRM Admins, Deal followers and Deal owners can see all deals in CRM

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