Adding and Managing Tasks

Tasks play a vital role in effective project management, offering a clear roadmap for team members. By creating and assigning tasks, everyone knows what needs to be done, when it's due, and who's responsible. This helps to keep the project organised and moving forward. This article will walk you through the steps of adding and managing tasks in TeamWave.

Creating a Task

  1. Navigate to the "Tasks" tab within your Project.
  2. Create a new task list if one doesn't exist already.
  3. Within the task list, click "Add task."
  4. Enter the task name and press Enter.

Task details

On the Task detail page, you have the ability to not only view a task but also make changes to it.

  1. Assign the task to a team member.
  2. Log time spent on the task.
  3. Attach files relevant to the task.
  4. Set a due date for completion.
  5. Copy the task to another list.
  6. Add tags for efficient organization.
  7. Update task progress, add subtasks, and manage dependent tasks.
  8. Team members can comment on tasks, promoting communication and collaboration.

To access the Task detail page, click on the task you wish to modify.

Adding Tasks via Email

  • TeamWave offers the convenience of adding tasks via email, simplifying task creation even further. Learn more about this feature here.

Note: You cannot assign multiple persons to a task.

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