TeamWave Home Dashboard

The TeamWave Home Dashboard is a powerful tool that empowers users to manage their pending CRM activities/tasks, Project Management tasks/milestones/events, and HRM leave requests. It also features a user-friendly 'Here's where you left off...' section, providing quick access to recent and ongoing activities for a seamless work experience

  1. Here's where you left off

The 'Here's Where You Left Off' section significantly contributes to a user-friendly and streamlined experience by providing quick access to recent and ongoing activities. By keeping users informed about changes and updates across CRM, project management, and HRM.

Users can seamlessly click on projects, HRM, and CRM activities, directing them to the respective pages for swift access and enhanced user experience.

CRM: Updates in CRM tasks, contacts, deals, or activities are immediately shown here. This ensures that users can quickly pick up where they left off in their CRM-related tasks.

Project Management Updates: Similar to CRM, any additions or updates in project tasks are captured here. This helps users stay updated with the latest progress in their projects, promoting effective project management.

2. Things To Do

The 'Things To Do' section acts as a comprehensive task management system, bringing together tasks from all major modules within TeamWave, including Projects, CRM, and HRM.


The dashboard gives users a quick overview and access to their tasks, including Today and This Week schedules. Users can easily spot and mark overdue tasks as complete, streamlining task management for enhanced efficiency.

Users can hover over a task to view essential details like project name, specific task information, and time logged. This hover feature eliminates the need to navigate away from the dashboard, fostering a more streamlined workflow.


Users can swiftly access their CRM activities/tasks from the Home Dashboard, and the interface allows for the seamless marking of CRM activities/tasks as completed directly from the dashboard.

Hovering over a CRM activity reveals important details such as the type of activity, its duration, and associated contact, deal, and organization information. This quick-view capability streamlines the process of managing and understanding CRM activities.


Users can review and approve leave applications directly from the dashboard, promoting a swift and organized response to leave requests. Detailed information about each leave application, including duration, notes, and status, is available on hover.




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