TeamWave logs are essential for tracking and analyzing activities within the TeamWave platform. This guide will help you understand how to access and utilize these logs effectively. 

Accessing Logs 

To view logs, navigate to the “ Logs” section in your TeamWave dashboard. 

Progress Logs 

  • TeamWave logs are organized by various activities, including user actions and data modifications.
  • Each entry in the log provides information such as the date, time, the user involved, and the activity's description. 

search and Filter:

Use search and filter options to refine the log entries. You can filter logs by date and user to find specific information efficiently. 

Activity Logs

TeamWave's Activity Logs record user logins, browser access types, locations, and Date and Time. 

  •  User: Identifies the user associated with the action.
  • Access Type: Specifies the web browser that is currently in use by the user, for example, Chrome, Mozilla, etc. 
  • Location: Indicates the current IP address from which the user is connected.
  • Date and Time: This information indicates the user's last login to the TeamWave.

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