User Permissions

User Permissions 

TeamWave allows Super Admins to manage user permissions for CRM, Project Management, and HRM applications. This is done by creating custom roles with specific permissions and assigning users to these roles. 

 Creating Custom Roles:  You can create tailored roles to meet the specific needs of your organization. 

For example: Junior Sales Role: Allow your Junior Sales Executives to add deals in the CRM but restrict them from deleting these deals. Project Manager Role: Grant full permissions in the Projects App to a Project Manager while limiting their access to the CRM app. 

Assigning Roles to Users: Once a custom role is created, you can assign it to individual users, defining their access and capabilities within TeamWave. 

Pre-defined Roles 

TeamWave includes two default roles: 

  • Super Admin: Grants full access, enabling users to view, edit, and delete everything across TeamWave. 
  • Regular User: Offers limited access, which can be customized based on the needs of your organization. 

Important Notes: 

Super Admin: Assign the Super Admin role judiciously, as it includes complete control over users, permissions, data, and billing. 

  • One Role per User: A user can be assigned only one role at a time. 
  • Custom Role Limits: The number of custom roles you can create may vary based on your subscription plan.
  • Additional CRM Controls: For more detailed access control in CRM, consider using visibility settings.

Managing Access 

Reviewing and Editing Access: Quickly review and adjust access for individual users for CRM pipelines and Projects. For instance, you might want to grant a regular user like Vaibhav S access to all CRM pipelines and Projects. 

How to Configure User Permissions and Access 

  1. Configure Permissions:  Go to User Management and select 'Roles' to create and assign custom roles.
  2. Configure Access: To manage user access to CRM pipelines and Projects, navigate to User Management and select 'Access'. 

By effectively using these features, you can ensure that your TeamWave environment is secure, efficient, and tailored to the specific needs of your team and organization.

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