Reporting in CRM


Reports help you to see how your Sales and your Team are performing and also enables you to forecast where you are going. 

CRM Reports can be accessed from CRM > Reports

TeamWave offers a lot of default reports in graph format based on the data in your TeamWave account. These options are for simple and effective. Each bar on the graph gives you detailed information about that graph.

In reports, you can track,

  • Sales Performance
  • Pipeline Performance
  • Activities Effort


If you are looking for filtering and drilling down, TeamWave offers you the ability to filter data By user, By data and By pipeline.

By filtering out information in these reports, you can drill down to the most minute information regarding your deals and activities, identify trends or places to improve and get to work on making your company more effective.

Custom Reports

While the Reports from in your TeamWave CRM can be filtered by pipeline and User adjusted for a time frame, they cannot be customized further.

For any further customization - like your custom fields and other details which are not available in Reports, we suggest utilizing the flexibility of the List View to choose displayed columns, filter, sort, and export the information you require.

You can learn more about list view filtering here

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