Creating a Task list

A Task list is basically a list of tasks which are to be completed. They help you to arrange all your tasks in an order and divide bigger goals into smaller tasks.

You can use task lists to separate and sort all your tasks in a project by phases, teams or by anything you would like to. It also allows you to set it private for your team or for some specific people.

Creating a New Task List

You can create multiple numbers of task lists for a project and also set privacy for them from Tasks tab in a project. However, you can even add a new task list and add tasks to it with just one email. See how to add task lists from an email.

Adding a Task list

  1. Navigate to Project Management application.
  2. Select a Project
  3. Click on Tasks tab.
  4. Click on Add tasks list on right top, below navigation tabs.
  5. Enter Name of the tasks list, description.
  6. Associate it with a milestone or create a milestone if the milestone is not listed (Optional)
  7. Click on down arrow, to add additional configurations to a task list like default assignee and due date (Optional) 
  8. Choose the privacy of the Tasklist
  9. Click on Add task list.

Once a Task list is created you are ready to add tasks to that list. See how to add tasks. You can always manage a task list by navigating to the Tasks tab in that project.

Also see how to how Edit, Copy and Delete a Task list.

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