Creating a Task list

Task lists are lists of tasks organized in order, to help achieve bigger goals by breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks. They can be sorted by phase, team, or any desired method and can be set as private for specific individuals or teams.

To create a task list in a project, 

  • Go to the Tasks tab in your Project.
  • Click "Add task list" on the top right, enter the name and description, and optionally associate it with a milestone or add default assignee and due date. 
  • If you need some privacy, select "Private" from the pop-up menu to keep it between you and whoever you choose.

  • Then click "Add task list". 

You can also add task lists via email. Learn more about it here.

 After creating a task list, you can add tasks to it by navigating to the Tasks tab in the project.

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