How to archive, delete or re-activate projects

Archiving completed projects is a better option than deleting them, as it allows you to maintain a historical record of past projects. Once a project has been archived, all its associated details, such as files and discussions, will become inaccessible until the project is reactivated.

Archiving a Project: 

  • Go to the Configurations tab in your Project.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Choose the "Archive" option in the Project Status section

Accessing Archived projects: 

To view archived projects, simply change the active project filter to " Archived Projects" on the top left of the projects homepage

Delete/Reactivate an Archived Project: 

  • On the Projects homepage, change the active project filter to "Archived Projects"
  • From the list of archived projects, select the project you wish to delete/restore.
  • On the top of the project page, you will find two options: "Delete Permanently" and "Activate this project" Choose the appropriate action for your needs.

Deleting a Project:

To delete a project:

  • Go to the Configurations tab in your Project.
  • Select the General tab.
  • In the Project Status section, click on "Delete Project "

  • Confirm the deletion.

Note: We strongly recommend archiving projects instead of deleting them to maintain a record of all projects and for unlimited storage. Please be advised that this action cannot be undone and the entire project, including all its associated data, will be permanently deleted. Only users with PM Admin privileges can perform the actions described above.

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