Timesheet management in Projects

By following these simple steps, you can use TeamWave's timesheet feature to keep track of your project's progress and your team's time investment, helping you set realistic expectations and avoid any surprises down the line.

  • Click on the "Timesheet" tab to access the time logs for your project.
  • You'll see all the time logs arranged neatly in a well-organized tabular format, including crucial information like task name, date, and total time logged.
  • Use the available filters to view the time logged by everyone on your team, view the total billable or non-billable time, and so much more! 

  • You can also make time logs billable or non-billable and lock specific time entries, making them visible only to you.

  • To view the time logs for a specific task, simply click on it! You'll then be able to see all the details of the time logged for that task, including the date and total time logged by your team members.

Note: Keep in mind that only project members who have worked on the project can view the time logs, ensuring the privacy and security of your project. Clients or vendors invited to the project will not have access to the time logs.

Additionally, you can export the time log for the project, enabling you to calculate the exact amount to be paid.

Logging time on TeamWave is even easier with the Clockify Integration. Learn more about this integration here.

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