Discussions via Email

Discussions is an important feature which lets your present and discuss your thoughts with your team members on the ongoing project. You can start a discussion, set privacy and tag your team members on the discussions tab in a project

Discussions for a project can also be initiated with an email from your mailbox. This gives the flexibility to leave a message without even logging into your TeamWave account.

Starting a discussion with an email

To initiate a discussion from your mailbox, first, you need to copy your project specific smart email address from Email Docs (Ref Pic 1.1 & 1.2) tab in that project. This address is project specific and unique for you.

Pic 1.1

Pic 1.2

  1. Open your mailbox and click on compose mail
  2. Paste your Project specific smart email in address bar
  3. The subject of the email must start with Discussion: followed by the title of the discussion (Ref 1)
  4. Add the description of the discussion in the email body (Ref 1)
  5. Then Send it

Ref 1

Here’s the format:

To address:
<Project specific smart email id>

Eg: forward-103avc27-@xyzteamwave.com

Subject line:
Discussion<colon><Title of the discussion>

Eg: Discussion: Project review update

Email body:
<Description of discussion>


  1. The smart email address is unique for every project.
  2. Everyone in the project will have access to the project-specific smart email address.
  3. Also see how to add new task lists and tasks

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