Forward emails to projects

TeamWave comes with forwards feature, where you can link your emails directly to projects and end all your copy-pasting work. It allows you to associate emails you received from your client to a project.

Emails containing product specifications or some important notes related to project can be forwarded to that project and can be used as a reference.

Forwarding Emails to a Project

Any email can be associated with a project by simply forwarding that email to the project specific email.

  1. Navigate to Project management Application 
  2. Select a project
  3. Click on Forwards tab
  4. Copy the Project-specific smart email address
    (If you are not able to view smart email, click on How to forward an email to this project, then copy it.)
  5. Open your TeamWave registered mailbox
  6. Forward any email to that project-specific smart email

The email will be associated with that project and can be viewed from Forwards tab in that Project.


  1. Your email, from which you will forward, should be registered with TeamWave
  2. You should have access to that project to do this action
  3. This email can be viewed by all the team members of the project

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