Adding a Milestone

Enhance project organization and keep your team on track by adding milestones to your projects with TeamWave. This feature helps you to stay informed of important deadlines and keep everyone in the project up-to-date. You can even make milestones private, allowing only specific members to access them. Ensure your project stays on track and meet deadlines with ease using TeamWave's milestones.

  • Select the desired project and Click on the "Events" tab

  • Choose the desired date and Select the "Milestone" tab in the pop-up
  • Fill in all relevant details, including the name, assigned to, and date 
  • Manage privacy by choosing between "Private" and "Everyone"
  • Click "Create Milestone" to finalize the process

    Once you've created a milestone, you have the flexibility to edit or delete it at any time. Simply access the milestone detail pop-up and make any necessary adjustments.

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