Creating an Event

Creating Events to Projects will keep all the members in the project updated about Project events. All the Events will be synced with TeamWave's Calendar in Homepage.

Creating an event

TeamWave lets you create Events easily for your Project's meetings, reviews, presentations and invite your team members. You can even choose who can be invited to the Event and the events stay private with the invited members.

  1. Navigate to Project management application
  2. Select to the Project where you wanted to add the event
  3. Click on the Events tab
  4. Select/Click a date
  5. Enter all details like Event name, Start and End Date and Time (Ref 1.1)
  6. You can add/remove guest by clicking on Change (Ref 1.2)
  7. Click on Create.

Ref 1.1

Ref 1.2

You can opt out to send an email notification by unchecking the checkbox. A created Event can be edited and deleted from the event detail pop-up.

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