Inviting a client to the project

Inviting a client to a project helps both your team members and the client to be on the same page. You can collaborate with your client, share files, notes and what not! On top of that, you don't have to pay for your client's account. It's completely Free! You can also use the privacy options in tasks, files, discussions and notes to limit your Client's access to those.

Inviting a client/vendor

A client/vendor can be invited while adding a new project or to an existing project.

While creating a Project:

  1. Click on the New project in PM
  2. Enter general details in pop-up (Name of Project etc)
  3. Select Company
  4. Now, you can choose 'Yes, this project involves other company'
  5. Then enter the Organisation name and Email address of the client (Rilamef 1.1)
  6. Select either 'Send an invite' to invite a client.
  7. Select Permissions
  8. Click on 'Start'

Ref 1.1

For an existing project

  1. Navigate to Projects.
  2. Select a Project
  3. Click on 'Configurations' tab
  4. Select Client/Vendor 
  5. Enter details and select send an invitation (Ref 2.1)
  6. Click on send the invitation.

Ref 2.1

If your client is not an existing TeamWave user he should accept your invitation from the email and sign up from there.

An existing TeamWave user can accept your invitation through the mail or from notification sent in the TeamWave application.


  1. You need Admin privileges for Projects to invite a Client/Vendor
  2. You don't have to pay for your client's account

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