Creating a Project

TeamWave streamlines collaboration among team members, clients, and partners with features such as Tasks, Milestones, Time logs, Discussions, Notes, Files, Reports and more, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. You can add unlimited team members and clients can add their own team members to a project.

Adding a new project

To add a project in the system, there are multiple options available. 

From the Projects Dashboard:
  • Click on the “New Project ” button.
  • Fill in the project details in the pop-up that appears
    • You can choose whether to view the project in Board or List view. Learn More about Board view and List view
    • In the "My Team" tab, add the team members who will be working on the project.

    • In the "Company" tab, add the details of your client or vendors for collaboration.

    • In the "Advanced " tab, specify the following optional project information:
      • Start and end date.
      • Estimated budget.
      • Priority level.
      • Time commitment.

  • Then, Click on "Start" to create the new project.
From a Deal in CRM:

If you have a deal in the CRM section, you can also create a new project directly from the deal. This will create a direct link between the project and the deal, providing a seamless and integrated workflow.

To create a project from a Deal:

  • Go to the relevant Deal in the CRM section.
  • Click on the "+" icon next to the "Projects" card.

  • Enter the following information in the Pop-up:
    • Project name.
    • Client/vendor name.
    • Owner/project manager.
  • Click on "Next".
  • Add the same information as in steps 2 to 4 of the previous method (adding project details in the pop-up).

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