Creating a Project

TeamWave enables you to collaborate with your team members, clients and partners easily and keeps everyone on the same page. You can invite any number of your team members and your client/partner can invite any number of his team members to work on a TeamWave project. 

Project Management features include Tasks, Milestones, Time logs, Discussions, Notes, Files, Reports and more. Learn more

There is no limit on the number projects you can create.

Adding a new project

You can either add a project from Dashboard or from projects section. You can even add a new project from a Dealin CRM Section.

From Projects:

  1. Navigate to Projects Module
  2. Click on + New Project button on the right top
  3. Enter Project Name, Description and optionally upload an Image to as project icon.
  4. In My Team, you can add your team members to this project.
  5. In Company, you can collaborate with your Clients/Vendors (Optional)
  6. In Advanced, you can enter details like project Start date, end date, Estimated cost & time and tags.
  7. Then click on Start.

From Home:

  1. Navigate to Home
  2. Click on Quick links
  3. Select Start a project
  4. Enter details of the project
  5. Click on Start to initiate the project


  1. You need PM Admin privileges to add a project.
  2. Only people who are part of a project will have access to that project

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