Project-Specific Task Tags and Universal Tags

Tags in TeamWave offer a dynamic way to categorize and manage tasks and files within your projects.

Tags are usually project specific, meaning that a tag created in one project won't be visible in other projects unless it's a Universal Tag. Universal Tags are tags that are accessible across all projects and can be used to categorize Tasks and Files in any project.
Project Specific Tags:
Project Specific Tags are designed for categorization within individual projects. These tags are visible only in the project where they were created, aiding in detailed project organization.
Here's how to add a new tag:
  • Open a task within your project.
  • Select "Add Tags" in the task detail pop-up.
  • Click "Add/Edit Tags", name your tag, select a color, and click "Done"

Universal Tags:

Universal tags are accessible across all projects and are managed by Super Admins.
Creating Universal Tags:
  • Only Super Admins can create Universal Tags.
  • Navigate to Project Settings (gear icon in the top right corner).
  • Select the Tags tab.
  • Click the "+" icon in the Universal tags section, enter a name and select a color.
  • Click "Create" to save the new Universal tag.

Converting Project Specific to Universal Tags:

  • In Project Settings, go to the Tags tab.
  • Select the Specific tags you want to convert.
  • Click the blue forward icon between "All tags" and "Universal tags."
  • The selected tags are now Universal and accessible across all projects.

Deleting Project Specific Tags:

  • Open a task in the project where the tag is assigned.
  • Click on the "Tags" section in the task details pop-up.
  • Click "Add/Edit Tags," find the tag, and click "Delete."

Deleting Universal Tags:
  • Navigate to Project Settings.
  • Select the "Tags" tab and go to the "Universal Tags" section.
  • Select the tags you want to remove and click the "Delete" icon. 

Note: When you delete a tag, it is removed from all tasks and files where it was assigned.
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