Projects Dashboard

TeamWave's Projects Dashboard serves as a dynamic hub for users, offering quick insights into project health and progress. It is a critical tool for project managers to monitor performance and identify areas that may require attention.

Metric Summaries:
Projects with activity: This likely shows the number of projects currently active, meaning there has been recent work or updates made to them.
Idle Projects: This represents the number of projects with no recent activity.
Users with activity: This indicates the number of individual users who have shown activity on projects recently.
Idle Users: This shows the number of users who are currently inactive or have not shown any recent activity on projects.

Activity Graphs:
The graph with orange lines may represent a cumulative count of projects open tasks. Hover over to see open tasks on specific dates.
The graph with red squares may indicate the number of tasks or issues that are open or unresolved. Hover over to identify overdue tasks on specific dates.
The graph with green circles possibly indicates the number of completed tasks. Hover over to view completed tasks on specific dates.

Team Overview
1. By Tasks
Gain a more detailed insight into an individual user's task performance within your organization, with the flexibility to sort and filter based on your specific needs.

2. By Timelogs
This section displays the logged hours by each team member against their tasks, offering a visual representation of task performance and time utilization, with the flexibility to sort and filter based on your specific needs.

Top Projects

1. By Tasks
Here you can see a quick summary of the project tasks. 
Project Details
  • Name: The title of the project. On hovering over a project, you'll find options to either view the project directly or access the project report
  • Total Tasks: The overall number of tasks within the project.
  • Completed: Tasks that have been marked as completed.
  • Overdue: Tasks that have passed their due date without completion.
  • Billable (Hrs): Hours that can be billed to a client.
  • Non-Billable (Hrs): Hours worked that are not billable.

2. By Timelogs

Similar to 'By Tasks', this would present a summary based on time logged against each project, with the flexibility to sort and filter based on your specific needs.

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