All Tasks

TeamWave's "All Tasks" feature offers a centralized and comprehensive view of all tasks across your projects. Specifically crafted to empower project managers, this feature delivers a complete overview of their team's tasks across all projects. It amplifies the ability to evaluate workloads, prioritize tasks with precision, and monitor the progress of multiple projects simultaneously.

This article provides an in-depth guide on how to leverage the "All Tasks" feature to manage and monitor your tasks effectively.
Accessing "All Tasks":
  • Navigate to the "All Tasks" section from the navigation menu.
Managing and Organizing Tasks: 
  • Utilize filters to customize your view based on criteria such as assignee, due date, and tags, for streamlined task management.

  • Enhance your task management efficiency by utilizing TeamWave's advanced sorting functionalities. Easily organize tasks by "Projects" or "Due date", thereby streamlining your workflow and ensuring a more focused approach to task prioritization.

Updating Tasks:

  • Edit and update task details directly from the "All Tasks" section.
  • Mark tasks as complete, add comments, or attach files without entering individual project spaces.

TeamWave’s All Tasks management system is enriched with intuitive icons, each providing immediate insights into key aspects of task status.

  • A green clock icon next to a task signifies the presence of a timesheet entry.
  • A specific 'repeat' indicator is displayed next to tasks set for repetition.
  • A blue-colored icon signifies the task's progress status.

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