Board View Projects

TeamWave's Board View in the project management app offers a visual and intuitive approach to task management. Ideal for multi-stage projects, it organizes tasks into cards within columns, representing different stages of progress. This layout provides a clear overview of the project's status and individual task advancement, simplifying tracking and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Creating a New Board Project:
  • Click on the “Create New Project” button.
  • Choose “Board View” from the available options. This sets the Board View as the primary layout for your new project.

Adding Columns

  • Click on 'Add Column' at the far right of the board.
  • Name the column according to your workflow stage (e.g., Review, Testing).

Creating and Editing Tasks

  • To Add a Task: Click on '+ icon' in the relevant column.
  • Fill in Details: Add a title, description, assignee, and due date.
  • To Edit: Click on a task to open and edit its details.

Visual Progress Tracking:

  • Board View provides a visual representation of tasks arranged in columns based on their status. Each column represents a different stage in the workflow (e.g., To Do, In Progress, Completed).
  • This visual layout allows team members to quickly grasp the current status of tasks and how they are progressing through various stages.
Customizable Workflow:
  • Users can customize the columns in Board View to match the specific stages of their project. For example, in software development, stages could include "Backlog," "Development," "Testing," and "Deployment."
  • This adaptability ensures that the Board View aligns with the unique workflow of multi-stage projects.
Efficient Task Management:
  • With the drag-and-drop functionality, tasks can be easily moved between columns. This makes it straightforward to update the status of tasks as they transition from one stage to the next.
  • Team members can quickly understand which tasks are pending, in progress, or completed, facilitating effective collaboration and coordination.
TeamWave's Board View features advanced filters to streamline task searches:

  • Task Name: Quickly find tasks using the search bar.
  • Assigned Member: Sort tasks by team member assignment.
  • Due Date: Prioritize tasks by their deadlines.
  • Tags: Organize and search tasks by tags.
  • Completion Status: Differentiate between completed and pending tasks for better progress tracking.

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