User Permissions - Projects

User permissions play a crucial role in ensuring that your team members have the appropriate access levels to projects within TeamWave. By configuring user permissions effectively, you can maintain data security, control project visibility, and streamline collaboration.

This guide will walk you through the user permission settings related to projects in TeamWave.

Accessing the User Tab:

  • Navigate to the User tab on the Navigation bar. 
  • Select the Roles section to access permission settings.


TeamWave's role management feature allows you to create and assign roles to team members, ensuring efficient workflow and access control.

Creating a New Role
  • Click on 'Add New Role': You'll find this button at the top left of the 'Roles' section.
  • Name the Role: Choose a clear and descriptive name for the role, like 'Project Manager' or 'Sales Lead'.
  • There are two default user role options: Super Admins and Regular Users. Super Admins have comprehensive access to all TeamWave apps, including the ability to add more Super Admins and modify billing settings. However, it's recommended that you only assign this permission set to those who explicitly require it.

Setting Up Permissions

  • When you navigate to the Roles section, you'll find the permissions settings page. Here, you have the ability to assign specific permissions to users according to their designated roles
  • After assigning users to their respective roles, you can fine-tune the permissions granted to each role based on their specific responsibilities. For example, project managers might require permissions to view user time sheets, access the Dashboard, view reports, and add milestones, while regular project users may not need these specific capabilities.

Note: Only Super Admins can access project settings.

  • By following these steps, you can effectively manage user permissions in TeamWave, ensuring that your team has access to the right tools and information to work efficiently and effectively.

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