Creating Project

TeamWave's project management system offers a streamlined and user-friendly approach to organizing tasks, enhancing team collaboration, and ensuring successful project completion. Here's an enhanced guide to creating a project in TeamWave. 

Adding a new project

To add a project in the system, there are multiple options available.

1. From the Projects Page

  • Click on the “ New Project” button to initiate the project creation process.

Choosing Your Project Template

  • Upon clicking, you'll be presented with an option to select either a pre-existing template or start with a Blank Template. 
  • Choose a Pre-existing Template for access to predefined structures tailored for common project types. This option is ideal if you want a quick start with a guided framework. 
  • Alternatively, select a Blank Template if you prefer a more customized setup, allowing you to build your project's structure from the ground up.

  • Upon choosing a Blank Template, a pop-up will appear for you to enter your project details. You also have the option to select your preferred project view: either a Board view for a visual, kanban-style layout, or a List view for a more traditional, list-based format.

  • In the ' My Team' tab, add the team members who will be involved in the project, or simply choose the 'Everyone' option to include all available team members.

  • In the ' Company' tab, select 'Yes' if the project involves an external company, and then add the details of your client or vendors for collaboration. Choose 'No' if it's an internal project solely for your company.

  • In the ' Advanced' tab, refine your project by specifying essential details: set start and end dates, estimate the budget, determine the priority level, and add relevant tags.

Then, Click on "Start" to create the new project.

2. Creating a New Project from a CRM Deal

In TeamWave, if you're working with a deal in the CRM section, you have the convenience of initiating a new project directly from that deal. This approach establishes a direct link between the project and the deal, ensuring a seamless and integrated workflow.

Steps to Create a Project from a Deal:

  • Go to the relevant Deal in the CRM section. 
  • Click on the "+" icon next to the "Projects" card.

In the 'Start Project' pop-up, fields such as client details, organization, and project manager are pre-filled for your convenience. However, you'll need to enter the project name. There's also an option to copy existing files into the new project.

Note: The 'Start Project' pop-up will automatically prefill details only if the deal is already linked to an organization and a contact.

Then, Click on "Next" to create the project.

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