Adding Users

Adding Users

In TeamWave, managing user access and roles is a fundamental aspect of maintaining your organizational workflow. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to add users to your TeamWave account.

You can add a user through user management gives you an extra advantage by enabling you to set admin privileges and giving him access to all sections right when adding a user.

Steps for Adding Users:

Access User Management:

  • Go to the 'Users' section in Your TeamWave dashboard.

Add a New User:

  • Click 'Add user' and enter the user's name, email, job title, time-off policy, and reporting manager.

Set Permissions:

  • Assign specific access rights and admin privileges as needed.

Send Invitation:

  • Click 'Send invite'. The user will receive an email to complete their signup.

Complete Setup:

  • The user finalizes the process by setting their password and logging in with their email.

Note: CRM access can be restricted, but Projects and HRMS access are mandatory for all users.

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