Bill Rate

As a project manager, setting a bill rate is an important aspect of managing projects and billing clients. A bill rate is the amount of money that you charge clients for the time spent on a project by your team members. In order to accurately bill clients, it's important to set the bill rate for each team member and track their time spent on tasks.

Managing Hourly Rates for Team Members

In order to set rates specific to each team member, you can manage hourly rates for your team members. This allows you to customize the bill rate for each team member based on their skill level, experience, and expertise. By doing this, you can ensure that the bill rate accurately reflects the value that each team member brings to the project.

Additionally, you can add default hourly rates for team members who haven't had individual rates assigned yet. This can be useful when you're just starting a new project or when you're working with a new team member who doesn't have a lot of experience.

Accessing Bill Rates in Project Settings

To access the bill rate settings, you can head over to the Project settings and go to the Bill rate tab. 

From there, you can view and edit the hourly rates for each team member. You can also add default hourly rates for team members who don't have individual rates assigned yet.

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