How To Sign A Document That Was Sent To You Through TeamWave's eSignature?

This article covers how to fill out and complete a document as a recipient (someone who is receiving, not sending, the document). 

If someone has sent you a document through TeamWave's eSignature, you'll need to click on the link in the email message to view and begin signing it:

If you get a "Document in progress" email, you can view the signing order that the document sender has set for your document:

You'll receive another email once the other people who are ahead of you have signed and it's your turn.

Once you've clicked the link in the email message, you'll be taken to the document. To begin, scroll down to the first widget of the document which you'd need to complete: 

If a widget is required, it must be completed to finalize the document. However, if a widget is not required, then it is optional and does not need to be completed in order to finalize the document.

When you have filled out all of the required fields, you'll see a "Finish" button at the top of your page. Click on this to finalize the document:

Note: Once you click this button, you won't be able to make any changes to the fields that you've filled out, so only click on this if you're ready to complete the document.

You'll then see a dialogue box where you can download the completed document at the top right:

If there are multiple people who are also a part of the document, you'll receive the final completed document after everyone has finished their fields on the document. 

Once everyone has filled out their fields and clicked on the "Finish" button, you'll get an email letting you know that the document has been completed and you'll be able to download the completed document: 

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