Creating and Using a Template in eSignature

Templates allow you to send your documents faster, especially if you find yourself sending out the same sort of document.

Here's a rundown of how you can create and use a template (and send it as a document):

To begin setting up your template, you need to upload a template by clicking on the arrow next to the "Add Document" button and clicking "Add Template" from your dashboard or by navigating to the template tab and clicking on the "Add Template" button:

Once you've selected the category and your template has uploaded, you'll be prompted to add placeholders for the template. Specify what placeholder title to use (Contractor, Client, etc.):

Once you’ve added your chosen placeholders and clicked "Save", the document will open.

From the right, you can drag and drop the widgets, as matter of preference):

You can specify which placeholder needs to fill out out each field by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the placeholder name. 

The different field types are: TextField, DateField, Signature, Label, and CheckBox.

Once you're done adding fields to your document, click on "Configure Template," set the sending details for the template, and click "Save Template":

There are 2 ways to use templates and send them as documents...

1. Use Templates From the Templates Page

You can use a template that you have created by going to the Templates section and clicking "Use Template":

To send your template as a document click "Use Template" and you'll be prompted to fill in the contact details for each of the placeholders that you previously assigned fields to in your template: 

Once you've done that, you'll click "Prepare" and you'll be taken to the preview page where you can add additional sending and document settings.

2. Use Templates From the Add Document Modal

The second way that you can use templates is to click on the "Add Document" button in your Documents dashboard.

Select the category first and then, pick your template from the list of available templates: 

After that, you will only need to fill in the placeholders with the appropriate contact information. 

The rest is simple - your template is ready to be sent!

Update Or Make a Copy Of Your Template

To update or make a copy of your template, click on the "Edit" or "Duplicate" option from the pop-up menu at the end of the template's row:

You can replace the original widgets, add in new ones and the system will keep your placeholder fields so that they are already placed on the new template.

When you make a copy of your template, all of the data entry fields and the sending defaults that you had set will also be copied into the duplicate version of the template: 

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