Managing Estimates and Invoices

TeamWave has seamless integration with popular accounting apps: Quickbooks and Xero.

If your business uses Quickbooks (OR Xero), the integration with TeamWave will help you:

  • Add contacts, products and services
  • Send estimates, invoices and track payments in CRM.
  • Export timesheet entries (from projects) with one-click. Generate invoices with custom billing rates.

How to manage estimates & invoices in TeamWave:

1) You need to be an Admin or Super Admin in TeamWave (account)

2) Quickbooks OR Xero account

3) Enable Integration with QuickBooks (OR Xero) from the TeamWave Integrations page

4) Create a Deal and a Contact in TeamWave CRM

5) From the deal detail page, create a Quickbooks Customer and link that customer with the deal.

Open the Deal > Quickbooks tab > Create new customer > Select 'Link customer with this deal' > Create

6) In QuickBooks, you can add any number of products and services.

QuickBooks Home page > Gear Icon > Products and Services > Add New

7) Generate an estimate or invoice in QuickBooks for the customer created from TeamWave.

8) Once an invoice or estimate is created, you'll see that invoice/estimate linked with the Deal in TeamWave.

8) You can even create and send Quickbooks Estimates and Invoices from TeamWave. 

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