Project Tags

You can categorize Tasks or Files by adding a Tag to them. This makes it easier to filter and search for them. The Tag will be represented by a color and a term that you specify.

Tags are usually project specific, meaning that a tag created in one project won't be visible in other projects unless it's a Universal Tag. Universal Tags are tags that are accessible across all projects and can be used to categorize Tasks and Files in any project.

Project Specific Tags:

To categorize tasks within a project, you can add Project Specific tags. These tags will only be visible in the project they were created in and cannot be accessed in other projects. Here's how to add a new tag:

  • Open a task within your project
  • Select the "Add Tags" option in the task detail pop-up
  • Click "Add/Edit Tags"
  • Give the tag a name and select a color

  • Click "Done" to save the new tag.

Universal Tags: 

Universal tags are tags that can be accessed and used across all projects in the platform. Only Super Admins have the ability to create and manage Universal tags.

To create a new Universal tag:
  • Go to Project Settings (accessible via the gear icon in the top right corner)
  • Select the Tags tab
  • Click on the "+" icon in the Universal tags section
  • Enter the name of the tag and select a color

  • Click Create to save the new Universal tag.
To convert an existing Project Specific tag into a Universal tag:
  • Go to the Tags tab in Project Settings (accessible via the gear icon in the top right corner)
  • Select the Project Specific tags you want to convert in the All tags section
  • Click on the blue forward icon between "All tags" and "Universal tags"

  • The selected tags will now be converted into Universal tags and will be available for use across all projects.
Deleting Project Specific or Universal Tags

Deleting Project Specific Tags:

  • Open a task in your Project where the tag is assigned
  • Click on the "Tags" section in the task details pop-up
  • Click on ā€œAdd/Edit Tagsā€

  • Find the tag you want to remove and Click on the "Delete" button.

Deleting Universal Tags:

  • Navigate to the Project Settings (click on the gear icon in the top right corner)
  • Select the "Tags" tab
  • In the "Universal Tags" section, select the tags you want to remove

  • Click on the "Delete" button.

Note: When you delete a tag, it will be removed from all the tasks and files where it was assigned.

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