User Permissions

Within TeamWave, you can quickly review and edit the access and permissions that a particular person has for all these applications:
- Project Management
Essentially, You (Super Admin) can decide what each user can view and do in TeamWave. This can be done by creating custom roles with GRANULAR permissions and then adding users to that role. 

- You might want to give your Junior Sales Executive permission to add deals in your CRM but not delete them. You can simply create a role called "Junior Sales" and assign people to this role.
- You may want to grant permission for a Project Manager to do everything in Projects App but restrict his access to the CRM app. You can simply create a role called "Project Manager" and assign people to this role.

You can configure permissions at Global Settings (Click on profile avatar) > Select User Permissions. Link:


There are two pre-defined roles in TeamWave:
1) Super Admin: Full-access. Can view/edit/delete everything.
2) Regular User: Limited access. Customisable.
In addition to the above, you can create custom roles (with custom permissions!) and then assign users to these roles.


- Super Admins have complete control over users, permissions, data & billing. So be careful when assigning users to this role.
- One user can be assigned to One role only.
- The number of custom roles you can create depends on your subscription plan.
- For additional granular access in CRM, use visibility settings.

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