User Permissions

When you are working with a team, there will be occasions where you want to give some permission only to certain users, to reduce the chances of duplication or just eliminate complications.

For example, you might want to give your Junior Sales executive permission to add deals in your CRM but not delete them. Similarly, permission for a Project Manager to do everything in Projects but nothing in CRM.

To give you that power to define what a user can and cannot do, TeamWave offers User Permissions. With User permissions, you can create custom roles then set GRANULAR permissions and add users to that role.

You can configure permissions at Global Settings (Click on profile avatar) > Select User Permissions


Roles in TeamWave account inform what actions that certain groups of users are allowed to perform within TeamWave. By default, TeamWave comes with two Roles - Super Admin and Regular user. You can add any number of custom roles as per your requirements. Once a role is added, you can add users to that role in the 'users' section'. A TeamWave user will only be associated with one role at a time.

Super Admin Users in TeamWave account can perform any action and view all items your organisation's TeamWave account (including Billing, User Permissions and Organisation Settings)

Any user in a different permission set will be limited in what they are able to do or see.

Only Super Admins can perform this action.

Note: Visibility in CRM Settings inform what users in your account are able to see in CRM. Learn more.

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