How to resend an invite to an employee?

Re-sending Signup invitation

1. If an employee has an email address under generic domains like Gmail, Yahoo:

  1. Navigate to HRMS
  2. Click on Employees tab
  3. Sort it by Activation Pending by changing the filter (Ref 1) 
  4. Then click on send icon to resend the invite (Ref 2)

Ref: 1


2. If an employee has an email address under TeamWave registered domain

If the invited user's email address is under TeamWave registered domain, an employee profile will be created automatically in your organisation's employee list. In this case, that employee won't be seen in Activation Pending list.

So, it is not possible to resend invitation for employees with email domain under TeamWave registered domain. They can signup on TeamWave using Forgot Password link.

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