General User Permissions

TeamWave allows you full control over user access to your organisation data. Privileges and permissions will help you to manage privacy for your deals, projects, contacts, etc. across TeamWave. 

There are 3 types of Users in TeamWave:

  1.  Account Owner
  2. Admin (Projects Admins, CRM Admins and HRMS Admins)
  3. Regular Users.

Account Owner

The first person who signs up for a new TeamWave account will be given the Account Owner rights. There will be only one account owner of an organisation. (To change the account owner of an account please drop us a mail at or leave a message on Intercom)

The account owner will act like a Super admin and will have access to ALL DATA in Projects, CRM and HRMS. 

General rights of the Account Owner

  1. Account owner will have the right to manage all sections of Projects, CRM and HRMS.
  2. Access to manage TeamWave account's organisation details.
  3. Access to Billing page of your account where you can access Subscription details and Invoices.

Admin users

Users can have Admin privilege for a specific app or all apps: Projects, CRM and HRMS.
Learn more about Admin rights in User permissions of each module (Links in notes)

Regular users

All the users who do not have admin privileges.

General rights of all users

  1. Manage Personal Integrations
  2. Access to Email Preferences
  3. Access to Personal API key
  4. Manage Personal Details (Except email address and Joining date) and personal TeamWave account password.


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